Saturday, November 18, 2006

Contestants announced for the finals!

Williamsburg Spelling Bee

Here are your orthographers for the November 27th finals, in alphabetical order, of course:

TOM BENDER is producing a documentary about a Witch School in rural Illinois.

WARREN BLOOM, 33, is the music teacher at PS/MS 27 in Red Hook, went to Burning Man twice, and sings and beatboxes by night.

MARTHA BURZYNSKI is a freelance writer and was referred to as the closest thing to Holly Golightly, without the whoring, in print recently.

KIERA BUTLER works at a magazine and enjoys the family drama Seventh Heaven.

MATT CARMAN's last name is frequently misspelled.

GRANT CAPTANIAN, 30, an Armenian line-dance expert, enjoys daydreaming and public tranportation.

CLAUDIA CARRERA, 22, is an aspiring musicologist who lives in Williamsburg and works for an East Harlem non-profit.

JOSEPH GALLUCCI is 22, works at his school's library, and is fond of disco, brightly-colored socks and movie musicals.

ACACIA GRADDY-GAMEL, 25, works as an editorial associate at a non-profit when she's not busy freelancing in film post-production.

CARA KINSEY, 26, is an otaku by mid-morning and a mild mannered librarian by tea time, with hopes of becoming a trophy wife by night.

JONATHAN LILL is an archivist in an art museum and just slightly less obsessive about spelling than he is about crosswords.

BRAD RAPPAPORT, 30, currently living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, New York, worked until recently as an evaluator of foreign academic credentials, and retains an interest in Frankfurt school critical theory that he developed in college and graduate school.

DIVIYA SHARMA, 29, is an eSwaps mistress and freelance pirate.

CLAUDIA WEINSTOCK just graduated from college and spends her days trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

VICKY WONG is a fine-art shipper by trade and a glutton-extraordinaire by nature.

How exactly does one spell "It's already been broughten?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We're bringing spelling back.

The Williamsburg Spelling Bee Finals will be held on:

Monday, November 27
Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer (Frost/Richardson)
7 pm sign-up, 7:30 pm start

bobbyblue will perform the Williamsburg Spelling Bee theme song, co-written by Jen and bobby.

Top three winners from the past season's twice-monthly bees are eligible to compete. In between the rounds, short audience-participation contests (such as spelling backwards, speed-spelling, etc.) will be open to anyone.

We're bringing spelling back.
The bee will kill you for the words you lack.
Most other people just don't have the knack.
But here in Brooklyn we pick up the slack.