Thursday, February 01, 2007

Review on NewYorkCool

Here is a review of our last spelling bee in, by John Proctor.

I especially like that the hijinks of our drunkest patrons are recorded for posterity. I also enjoyed this:
Bobbyblue is a musician who, with his sweater vest, brakeman’s cap, work boots, metallic silver belt, and black Hulk Hogan moustache, looks like a combination of David from the Village People and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick ... Throughout the contest, Bobbyblue and Jenisfamous showed both a love of words and a sweetly sardonic chemistry with each other and the audience, truly the perfect fit for a drinking spelling bee.


Check out the definition for "The Bee"!

p.s. - The next bee is Monday, February 5th! Signup 7pm, bee at 7:30, as always. Open to all.