Thursday, June 24, 2010

Season 11 Finals: Congratulations to Winner David Riddle!

Thanks to our sponsors Bananagrams, Giant Microbes, So You Think You Can Spell, and of course, Pete's Candy Store, which provided a $200 cash prize to the winner!

1st place: David Riddle
2nd place: Tamara Glenny
3rd place: Sara Luchian
4th place: Carolyn D'Aquila
Tied for 5th: Dominique Vance and Ben Kusmin
Honorable Mention: Maddy DeLeon, David Zheng, Jenny Brown, Trent Williams, Johann Chen, Nathanael Bonnell

(After a season of bees, Jen's brain is a bit sore, and she's afraid she's misspelled someone's name up here. Alas!)

Come back August 16th for the start of Season Twelve!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 7 Winners

1st place: Johann Chen
2nd place: Dominique Vance
3rd place: Nathanael Bonnell
All three winners qualify for the season finals. Our next bee is the Finals! Winners from the past six months will square off to be declared season champion! There will be a shiny trophy. Everyone is invited to watch.

Here is an incredibly low-quality photo. Founder bobbyblue was on vacation and magician Eric Walton subbed in. My iPhone couldn't really handle the dim lighting.

On a more positive note, the bee was featured on the BBC's website!