Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Williamsburg Spelling Bee Season 9 Final Results

Congratulations to Williamsburg Spelling Bee Season 9 Winner Carolyn D'Aquila!

Here is the complete top 5:

1. Carolyn D'Aquila
2. Dominique Vance
3. Marc Palatucci
4. Jonathan Lill
5. Lauren Gilbert

And, of course, congratulations to everyone who made it to the Finals: Jan O'Leary, Stacey Choi, Jenny Brown, Wilson Southerland, Greg Hannahs, Ben Speaker, Mary Speaker, Dawid Wiacek, Karen Hudes, Eric Malson, Gwyneth Connell, Jake Cremins, Chris Antionacci, Paulina Szyrmer, Trent Williams, Sandy Bell, James Kibler, and Tamara Glenny.

Come out August 3rd to begin Season 10! Open to all!

Click here for the complete photo set.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 8 Winners

Congratulations to:
1st place: Carolyn D'Aquila

2nd place: Jonathan Lill

3rd place: Stacey Choi