Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 18th bee recap

Last night's bee was one of our largest ever! We cut off registration around 7:15pm and had to start turning people away.

In a competition that went from boisterous and friendly to suspenseful and competitive at the end, contestant Tamara won first place, spelling 11 words correctly over the course of the bee and thereby winning a $25 bar tab and a Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, while Jonathan Lill and David Dickerson tied for second place, each winning a $15 bar tab. All three winners qualified for the season finals, to take place June 23rd, featuring a cash prize and a complete Oxford English Dictionary for the season winner.

Exciting words from this bee included "tyrannis," "kleptocracy," "acetylcholine," "vigentennial," "homonculus," and "eprouvette."

Next bee: March 3rd!