Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 Update: New York Spelling Bee at Caveat - Get Tix Today!

That's right folks, the Bee is back! The famed Williamsburg Spelling Bee is now the New York City Spelling Bee (and no longer in Williamsburg - check out the awesome new location Caveat).

This is a real adult spelling bee, with words ranging from easy (rhinoceros) to challenging (kakistocracy) to devilish (aebleskive, anyone?)

The same rules apply; the bee is structured in a kinder and gentler three-strikes-you’re-out format, with ample beer breaks to lessen the pressure and increase the fun. 

The event will be hosted by Bobby Blue and Jen Dziura 

Feb 13, 2018
Location: Caveat - New York’s newest speakeasy stage for playful, intelligent nightlife.
21 A Clinton St
Doors: 7:00
Bee: 7:30

Tickets: $15 to spell (limited tickets available, get them quick) $7 to watch

Here's the buzz: 
"A mix of irony seekers and hardcore spelling nerds." - TimeOut New York

"...the bar game of choice for self-proclaimed geeks and well-groomed lovers of logorrhea."- The Village Voice

"...go for the cold drinks and the inevitable laughs derived from watching a person who is tipsy try to spell trichotillomania."
- The New York Times

Bobby Blue and Jen Dziura began hosting the Williamsburg Spelling Bee in 2004, and quickly made the pages of the New York Times, the airwaves of NPR, and the dreams come true of frustrated adults with fond spelling bee memories. 

In their non-spelling time, Bobby is a musician and Jen’s company produces a feminist career conference and sells snarky feminist gift items.