Saturday, March 31, 2012

Next Bee: Monday, April 2nd

Monday, April 2nd

The Williamsburg Spelling Bee
Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn
(Lorimer St. between Frost and Richardson / L or G train to Lorimer)
7:30pm (signup begins at 7)

From "broccoli" to "triskaidekaphobia," come test out your spelling in a bar backroom filled with smart people and beer. Free, open to all (21+). Signup begins at 7pm -- first 18 people get to play. Three-strikes-you're-out policy means more participation for everyone. Hosted by founder bobbyblue and comedian Jen Dziura. Winners get nerdy prizes and qualify for the annual Finals.

Pete's: 718-302-3770

Grand Prize courtesy of Vine Wine

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March 5 Winners

First place went to Marcus Bones!


Second place was Maddy DeLeon. Many people tied for third place, so we did not officially award a third place. Also, bobby is making an interesting hand gesture and I am wearing my pi shirt. Just saying.


Here are some words that various contestants spelled this evening:

That last one is not a misspelling! A brail is "One of several small ropes attached to the leech of a sail for drawing the sail in or up, or a small net for drawing fish from a trap or a larger net into a boat."

(For anyone considering attending, I assure you that the above words were from the finals! In the first round, contestants spelled words such as rhinoceros, mayonnaise, pistachio, accommodate, and stiletto. We're not here to frighten anyone!)

More photos here.

Next bee, April 2nd! See you then!