Monday, July 25, 2005

Live Update: Round 3

So, J. Lill has just spelled "imprimatur." He now has a really hard French-based garden-related word. Now up: Mark, Number 2. I think I earlier incorrectly referred to him as Michael. Interestingly, the Michael who as at the back of the room, whom I dubbed the Dark Horse Contestant, never actually materialized. Mark is bangin' 'em out. He just correctly spelled some difficult word that had something to do with fire. In color commentary: despite the relatively few contestants, we are now all crowdy because a hefty gaggle has gathered at the back to ogle the spellers. Josh, number 3, misspelled "dynamitard."

OK, a bunch of excitement was missed, not least of which was me running out of laptop-power, and having to try multiple outlets before I got what I needed. Betsy, speller Number 5, struck out. I can't even try to catch up on too much excitement -- right after I got power, I had to spell. I misspelled "mesoseismic," so embarrassing. Reared in CA, and I survived the Great Quake of '89.

Well, the outlet I found is a bit outside the Spelling Arena, which diminishes my ability to hear the excitement. On the other hand, at least I can report what I do hear, whereas without electricity I could not.

We are now a on a "very brief break." I'll go find out which magazine is documenting the bee and get back to you.

- Megan

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