Thursday, December 08, 2005

by Rebecca Sealfon (e-u-o-n-y-m)

Here is an article about the spelling bee in the Brooklynite.


Chris and Stephen said...

Okay, so we just saw you on television (T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N) winning the 1997 spelling bee and we had to leave you this comment:

You totally freak us out...

But it's cool, because we were thoroughly entertained by your oversized shirt and constant sniffing of the fingers between each letter (though we do wonder why the final two words you spelled didn't require this idiosyncrasy).

Stephen says he would love to have a celebrity penpal so you are welcome to send an answer to this question to his email:

Anyway, we feel honored to be the first comment on your website and wish you well in your future ende-


"Could you use it in a sentence?"

We wish you well in your future endeavors.

-Stephen and Chris

P.S. We think your name would be cooler if you put (e-u-o-n-y-m) in between your first and last instead of at the end.

P.P.S. For God knows what reason, Stephen feels you should know that Kenner is right outside of New Orleans.

P.P.P.S. Congrats on graduating from Princeton!

P.P.P.P.S. "Nephalism?"

Michael said...

I just heard you on the radio today, (NPR) and was very interested in how you were fairing. Very impressed that you graduated Princeton, congratulations. My wife and I remember seeing you win the '97 National Spelling Bee on tv and the way you spelled each word is now part of daily lives. If I ask how a word is spelled my wife will imitate your motions and smile, it always makes me smile as well.
I know it must be hard to shake the fame of a nearly 10 year old victory, and I hope it does not colour your view of comments like this one. You made us smile and we won't forget that, thanks.
I hope you succeed in all you acomplish. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The hands on the face (as in last years boy with the clenched fist to the lips as if coughing into it) really freaks me out. Does anybody counsel you as to how totally strange this looks? Are you homeschooled without any socialization skills? Really creepy.

Anonymous said...

Dear, "Anonymous said,"

Someone should councel you if those were the only words you chose to comment with. She displayed so much talent and exuberance- she is a gem. And you, my friend, are as forgettable as the last dump I took.
Spelled D-u-m-p

Anonymous said...

Oops.. Councel ...spelled "council"

Anonymous said...

wow i really love that style in the bee. everybody should do that in the national spelling bee. PS: congrats from princeton University!!!

JJR said...

she was so funny and such a cute kid, I bet she's really pretty today!