Friday, January 20, 2006

January 23rd: Little Brooklyn in the 'burgh

This upcoming Monday, the spelling bee continues with "burlesque month." Beloved bee founder bobbyblue is on vacation -- filling in for him will be burlesque star Little Brooklyn, who will co-host, record scores, and do an act before the final round.

Anyone can watch, but be sure to show up early if you want to spell -- we have to cut off the list at 20 spellers.

The Williamsburg Spelling Bee
Monday, January 23rd

Sign up at 7, compete at 7:30
Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. in Williamsburg
No cover, open to all.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting- I also ran across Angela Arenivar's blog: Apparently she was previously in a movie about the spelling bee