Wednesday, March 21, 2007

spell "letters of marque and reprisal" lest we put ye in the stocks!

I thought you might enjoy this snippet from a comedy interview I did in my hometown of Virginia Beach. The writer asked me about the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, and I felt the need to explain the difference between Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg, Virginia:
Q . The Williamsburg Spelling Bee - how did you come up with that?

A . Ah, the spelling bee! Everyone loves the spelling bee! First off, I feel I should explain that "Williamsburg" is the area of Brooklyn where everyone is 25 and moved there after college to express themselves and has an expensive rock-star haircut although they are squatting in an abandoned sugar factory and believe paying rent is a form of capitalist oppression. Are we clear on that? There are no cornered hats whatsoever, or cannons or glass-blowing.
No offense intended to anyone with an awesome haircut and a marginal living situation ;)

(Incidentally, I was really confused when I was first moving to New York and found a bunch of Craigslist apartment ads for places in "Williamsburg," although, in true colonial style, many of those apartments do in fact lack modern fixtures and plumbing).

And, the update: come to the Williamsburg Spelling Bee on April 2, 16th, or 30th. Signup at 7, bee at 7:30. Free and open to all.

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Sean said...

Oh, but there is plenty of glass blowing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn... And there is also the blowing of glass in other parts of Brooklyn as well... though that kind is not the kind you might expect of a family business (the legal variety).