Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dispatch from Season 8 Winner Robert Moy

Season 8 winner Robert Moy -- known as Mr. Moy to his students at P.S. 334 -- has written in to let us know about the "other side" of spelling bees.

Hello Jennifer and belated Happy 2010 to you and Bobby Blue.

Just want to let you know that this afternoon I helped chaperone my school's three top spellers to Stuyvesant High School auditorium for the Manhattan Borough Spelling Bee. The top 8 finishers will go to the Daily News Citywide championship in March. All three of my kids qualified; I am thrilled especially because I didn't get to coach them very much due to our conflicting school schedules and because they prepped mostly on their own. I've attached some photos for you. Enjoy.

Oh...about the OED dictionary I won last year? Hopefully it will come out of the boxes soon as our school library is shaping up.

All the best,
Robert Moy
These cute kids are welcome in Williamsburg just as soon as they're 21 ;)

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