Tuesday, November 26, 2013

December 2nd Finals: Here are the Finalists!

In no particular order, here are the finalists in the 2013 Williamsburg Spelling Bee Finals taking place on Monday, December 2nd!

Be there and be square.

Samantha Mandel
Masha Westerlund
Phoebe Gaston
Wilson Southerland
Arvind Raman
Noam Schuldenrein
Jessica Greif
Mike Petrina
Raymond Givens 
David Henry Haan
Marcus Bones
Maddy DeLeon
Carolyn D'Aquila
Robert Moy
Tamara Glenny
Guy Smoot
Bobby Zacharias
Thea Enos
Alexis Walker
Devorah Wolf 
Warren Habib
Jason (TheOneWhoIsAChild)
Keith (WeMissedYourLastName)
Daniel Cohen
David Zheng
Judy Kameny
Kate Cemay

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