Monday, August 08, 2005

Live Update: Introduction

Date: August 8th, 2005
Location: Pete's Candy Store
Occasion: the biweekly Williamsburgh Spelling Bee
Welcome to all the attendees, competitors, returning participants, friends, supporters and hangers on. The spelling bee is less than a year old and has already garnered significant press attention, crowds of the curious and, perhaps most significantly, that most mysterious hip cachet. No doubt this is due to the tireless efforts of our two masters of cermonies, bobbyblue (any relation to Bobby Blue Bland?) and Jennifer Dziura. Visit their links at the top and you will see that the bee is merely one of their many talents and activities, though their most important one to be sure.

As always tonight's bee will begin with a review of the rules. There will be three rounds of spelling. In the first round, each participant will spell one word. In the second round, everyone must spell two words correctly. In the third round, each contestant spells as many words as they can until they are out. Since every entrant is allowed three wrong words before exiting the competition, everyone will make it at least through the second round. After the third round, the number of correctly spelled words is tallied for each speller and the three winners are declared. Any ties are broken with a spell-off, not an uncommon occurence and a real nail-biter sometimes. The prizes are as follows:

Third Prize: A certificate for a free Pete's Candy Store tasty sandwich
Second Prize: A $15 bar tab entitling you to the libation(s) of your choice.
First Prize: A $25 bar tab; ergo, even more libations.

And let's not forget that each contestant must wear the obligatory paper plate while playing. Since the paper plate must be surrendered upon exiting the contest, the paper plate is usually considered a badge of honor.

Now that we have reviewed the rules and procedures we have only to wait for 7:00 for the bee to begin.

N.b.: Since this blog is being typed with two fingers as fast as humanly possible in the semi-darkness with all the concomitant distractionattendant to a bee in a bar, any person who peruses this blog within the first twenty-four hours will have to turn a blind eye to typos, misspellings and any other egregious errors. They are all solely mine, your narrator,

Jonathan Lill

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