Monday, August 08, 2005

Live Update: Round 1

There is a great mix of regulars and newcomers tonight and a full complement of 21 players; it should be a thrilling contest. I am first on the list and the first to be called up to receive my plate and spell a word. Be right back...
The word was: Ohm. Correct!
Matt is up now; a perennial attendant (I think, I didn't get a good look). His question is whether any particular nonsensical song lyric bothers him. He has no particular answer except thatr any Billy Joel lyric in general is irather irritating. But his word is: Hew, correct!
Nick, is the next contestant. His word is Pica and he got it right.
Christina is number four and wants to go through life with green fingernails. Her word is fain, and she got it incorrect (those darn homonyms). But she's not out of the game yet.
Elissa is next (#5). She would love to Blondie if she had to choose. Her word is writ and once again it is spelled correctly. Josh is up now, another regular, and would love to equip his cell phone with a laser ray (this answer is met with general applause). The word is ante and he got it.
Greg is up; his favorite color is dark green, his word is gout and it's no trouble for the doctor.
The next speller, Michael, would love to be in Iceland if he had to choose and he spells bevy without breaking a sweat.
Tim Moyle would share, rather than horde, his Hershey kisses. And he can spell cowl without blinking.
Jason C, #11, and participated in geography bees as a kid (successfully, it turns out) and he is revenging his tardiness to an elementary school spelling bee. He not only spelled tibia he stood on it.
Michelle came up next and professed the desire to give nicholas cage a supreme makeover (many in the audience think he doesn't need it). She spelled cubit in seconds flat.
Contestant #13 ("Tom") ran through the letters of aphid without taking a breath.
#14 Chris K, recited a his favorite "yo' mama" joke and this led into a small discussion between the emcees. The word fiery was extinguished in due order.
Mark donned his plate and proclaimed the tofu burger as the best possible thing with which to decorate said plate. Bilge was spelled and put to rest.
Brian S., the next contestant, received the charmed "double plate". If forced to wear a mascot costume, he chose a pelican. He spelled privy. The streak is getting pretty long for correct words.
Ben was asked a sports question and had to profess his almost desparate ignorance of the subject (this is a spelling bee after all). he was given the word genus and he hit it out of the park.
Kat (contestant #18) got the favorite three wishes question where every wish myust cost less than $29. She chose parking for a day, a bikini wax and a nail job. Though alcohol would trump any of the other wishes. She got melba and finished it off in a trice.
Mike G., the next to last contestant chose to become Nancy Drew out of all the characters read in high school. He spelled thyme really fast.
Contestant #20 would be Madison, Wisconsin out of all state capitals. And finally, he spelled parry incorrectly.
Jen H., #21, if it were in her power, would invent brain implants. (May it be in her power.) And she sewed up jackal.
Megan, a multi-time winner was called to the stage only to excuse herself in a disgrace.
Her friend Delippe she called in as a replacement. As #22, he is asked what new item he would add to grocery stores. And he completely blanked. But he is from Tacoma! As the last speller in the round, he correctly spelled arcane to a round of applause.
These words were a bit simple and easy. But it is, after all, only round one. Jen warned that the words would ramp up in difficulty. Fore warned is fore armed

After a short break, we'll all be right back for round two!


Jen likes to break the ice by asking each contestant an amusing question. These can be tortuous and hard to transcribe but I shall do my best.

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