Monday, August 22, 2005

Liveblog 3, Round 2

Number 1 has "glissade," and spelled it perfectly. Now: "avifauna," which I initially misspelled, but so did Number One. Number 2: "anisette" and "sollerette." I metal shoe which is a part of a knight's outfit. But that may be an "a" and not an "e." Number 3 has "molinary" and spelled it perfectly. Josh, #4, must spell "lamasery," and spelled it right. "Humifise" went right too. "Palouser" is what #5 must spell, a candle in a can used as an improvised light. He spelled it wrong, but so did I initially. "Solineal" is his next challenge, which he quickly dispatched. Sandra, #6, gets "hamartia," a character defect, especially in a tragic hero. "Femeral" next, she started it incorrectly with a "ph," but hey, so did I. Number 7 is Tim, actually (wrong name on previous post), and is facing "mephitis." I think that's a ph, I didn't hear the correction. (I used the spell check last time, but I think somehow I don't know how to operate it.) "Barbicel," something to do with feathers, stumbled up number 8. Melissa, #9, is facing "frondeur," which went well, and now she's dealing with "farriery" (?) something to do with horseshoes, which did not go so well. Number 11 spelled "beriberi" right (although I may not have) a disease sort of thing, and her next word was spelled incorrectly. Billy is the name of #12, something to do with inducing muscle relaxation with a South American woody vine. "Curarize," which didn't work out for him, and "rasoreal" didn't either....This is very sad, Billy with the snazzy glasses has struck out. The first word for #13 didn't work out, and now she's got "betacism." Michael of the nice argyle, number 14 is staring down "enresol," which he has dispatched. "Acculeate" went wrong by replacing "e" with "i." I just embarrassed myself with "tourelle," but handled "braillist" without further humiliation. "Plaquette" went well for #16, and Dilip is dealing with a word that means "the quality or state of being hunchbacked." "Gibbosity," and he went wrong with the "i," preferring an "e." Oh, such a popular mistake. He totally showed his second word who's boss. Cheery #18 was defeated by her first word, and is now attempting "ascensive," with success. Liz is #19, and contemplating "cadential," having to do with musical cadence. Oh dear, she has started with a "q." She went awry with a soup that starts with "m" and can be served hot or cold. I can't spell it, and she couldn't either, leading to her strikeout. "Lidocaine" (I think I spelled right) but she wasn't able to. She's spelling her second word, which did not work out -- good heavens, another one bites the dust! This has been such a devastating round! Bobby feels that the whole "Hollaback Girl" album is a shameless ripoff of M.I.A. He's not afraid to say it like he sees it. Our buddy #21 earned a strike, but is still in the game. Meredith, #21, has misstepped with "primatial" and "kaiserdome," but she's still in the game --- and BREAK! That's right we're taking a teeny breather, and resuming the spelling slaughter.

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