Monday, August 22, 2005

Liveblog 3, Round 3

Well, we've reduced our numbers by a lot, since so many of our comrades fell in Round 2. Number 1 is named Katie, I think. She did not correctly spell her word, which had to do with a kind of surgical incision. I utterly couldn't spell it either, which is why I haven't tried. Joe #2, has a word "belomancy," (probably spelled wrong by me as well, sorry, the spell check is really not working out for me) that has to do with picking arrows at random out of a, that didn't fly, and neither did his second word, so he has struck out. Number, I totally missed the first word. The second "menticide," having to do with brainwashing or mental torture. That undid her, sadly. Josh, #4, is wearing a nifty stripey shirt and about to spell his second word, "dinurgate," a soldier ant having an unusually large head -- which we BOTH spelled right, how nice. "Monolater," one who worships one god, but doesn't deny the existence of others. He went for the "or," as I did, and we were both wrong. Jonathan Lill, lucky #5, is facing "parabulia." Something about a reversal of one's will. It may be an "e," not an "i," but I just don't know. He went down with "paregoric," which I think I may have spelled wrong as well. Jen has pointed out that the next spelling bee will be the first anniversary of the Williamsburg Spelling Bee. "Perinate" was the undoing of #6. Number 7 is coping with "anosmatic," lacking the ability to smell. Isabelle/Isabel is now onstage, number 8. "Paraclete," an advocate or intercessor, or one called on to help or support. She spelled it with a "peri," which was my instinct as well. "Irreption," a stealthy entrance, or the act of creeping in. She spelled it with an "ere" at the beginning, which I totally sympathize with. Drat! I missed Melissa's last word, which was her strikeout. Malika, of the real rad skirt, #11, is now onstage. "Rutidosis," a wrinkling condition on the cornea. I don't know if I spelled it right, but neither did she -- the end of her role as a competitor. Now Rebecca, #13 is poised to spell. "Navicella," a decorative thingie in the shape of a ship, apparently. Ooo, and that word was her undoing. The people are falling like flies tonight, but this is certainly one of the most demanding bees on record. Oh, whew. I just got back from being onstage (I'm number 15, which is one of my favorite numbers). I spelled three things right! But in all fairness, as you know by now if you've read the other posts, there were definitely tons of words earlier that I couldn't have spelled. Number 16 is now on his 3rd word, and he has just struck out, despite a very good showing. Dilip is back on the scene...Bobby can tell just by looking at him that although this is only his second time, he's clearly a regular at heart, and will be back again and again. He has spelled "skimeister," to delighted cheers, and is now spelling "etiolation." Right again! "Solivagant," one who wanders alone. (Going down the only road they've ever known, no doubt.) Mmm, that one did not work out for him, but he's clearly still in the game. Christina the Cheery must now spell "colonette," which earned her a strike. "Hemiplegia" is her next challenge, which did overpower her. ("Hema" instead of "hemi.") Number 21 is now dealing with "ionosphere," with aplomb. Something to do with a muddy environment, which stumped both her and me, and she is now benched. "Whorliwort" is some sort of medicinal herb which is clearly a pain to spell, for both of us. Oh good grief, final round now, and I'm in it.

The "Elimination Round" has us each spelling up to 8 words to determine our places. A tubular pasta went fine. Now, "punctilear." (Under My Thumb is playing in the background.) He took it on successfully. I am so utterly doomed. He just spelled another right, and is on a new word. Another word conquered by Josh! He says he's been studying real hard. How sweetly humble! "Tongawalla" was no match for Josh, he aptly spelled it. "Grobianism" is now on his plate. However, he mistook the first "i" for an "e." This is his second strike of the game. "Meromictic," something with water. Here I go!

Yeah, I pretty much died in a pool of my own vomit onstage. Which is to say that I rashly got all adventurous and insouciant and mangled a couple words, striking myself immediately into the sandwich zone. Dilip has spelled his first word correctly and is now spelling "metaphrast," something to do with literature I think. He did it! "Interstice," was also beat down by Dilip. "Fluviatile" also proved no match for Dilip Babu. "Pasigraphy" is now staring him down. He added an extra letter, final strike, now he's sitting down behind me again, not reading over my shoulder I hope.

They're doing the add-up. The next bee is September 19th, after Labor Day (so no white shoes!). This will be the big anniversary. There is just so darn much LOVE in the room!

Ok, 'cause I'm so psychic: yeah, I (Megan Rudesill) was the sandwich, Dilip Babu(who I am so proud to be associated with) is in second place, and Josh Malamy (yes, I did ask how to spell his last name, with the hope that someone who has a huge secret crush on him will google him and discover his CHAMPIONSHIP) is our First Place Winner. That's right, sweet, stripey Josh Malamy you are Prom King of the August 22, 2005 Williamsburg Spelling Bee. Go down that drink tab!

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