Tuesday, August 09, 2005

regarding the live blogging

Jonathan Lill had some technical trouble last night and lost two of his posts, including the one regarding the all-important final round. He will attempt to reconstruct these posts from memory and we will then post them here.

Officially speaking, Mr. Lill himself and Mr. Greg Hannahs tied for first place, and Matt, a newcomer, came in third. We look forward to repeat showings from Matt, who performed fantastically in his first bee, and a rather frenetic bee at that.

There are three chances left to qualify for the finals on October 17! Come out next time on Monday night, August 22nd (and then September 19th and October 3rd).

And this Wednesday (tomorrow!) come on out to Pete's for the Jenny Vaudeville show, a free variety show featuring ventriloquism, musical comedy, and all manner of weirdness -- this time featuring Adira Amram ("Sometimes Life is Like Mortal Kombat"), Joshua Grosvent ("Touched by an Uncle"), ventriloquist April Brucker, and Onion headline writer Sam Means, who will be performing in public for the first time, reading a list of his rejected Onion headlines. The show also features trivia, spelling, and literary quizzes for the audience, with prizes (CDs, etc.) donated by the performers.

The Jenny Vaudeville Show
Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer
Wednesday, August 10
10pm (and done in time to get back on the L by midnight!)
Free! Win Prizes!

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