Monday, August 08, 2005

Live Update: Round 2!

Due to a technical problem, two thirds of this post was lost before posting. I have only my sweat to show for it. Let's catch up at the end of the round:

.....Kat gets conjunctiva and stumbles to get it wrong. Mike Ray, near the end of the round, spells martyrology right. And his second word is corniculate. And he also gets it right! Almost to the end of the round. #20 has to try stratocracy, it only looks easy on the page. He gets it right! His second word is obsecration and he missteps. Jen H, our next to last speller must spell nitrogation, a tricky pronunciation, she missteps. Her second word is interlludial and runs away with it. Delippe, our final speller of the round, spells extravascate. Impressive! His second word is pluvioscope and again he triumphs. That’s it for round two folks. The sweat is flowing, the competition is heating up. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned.

If you couldn't tell, the second round was giant leap up in difficulty. The crowd swayed and groaned in sympathy with the spellers but hardly anyone is out of the game.



Steverino said...

Yo, Jon! Da Chicaga supportrs r behnd ya all da wey!

fotos r grate!

Jackson Ninly said...

Great job, everyone -- I had a blast! Too bad it was so 'stannous' in there (that's right, the colloidal tin in the atmosphere prevented me from spelling the word right; or maybe I just neglected to take my time), but there remains a next time... /jc